Working on development for a web series. The Rangers. Done by the same folks who produced The Rise of the Fellowship. I wish I didn’t have to sleep. There’s just too much to do. Too much to process. Too much to potentially create. I despise having to cut some projects free and see them fall away into nothingness. One of my professors in grad school told me, in some exasperation, Christopher, you need to choose between film, writing, music and journalism. Which will it be? Well, I certainly cut journalism free a long time ago, but I’ll hold on desperately to the other three. One of those bitter-clingers, that’s me.

2 thoughts on “Writing!”

  1. Yes, please, do not choose. Your prof’s advice might be right for most people, but there are some who really are gifted in multiple areas. Would you choose which one of your kids you love best? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t choose between your creative offspring, either. But do try to sleep, once in a while; creative children sometimes need to be cut loose to do their own thing, too, and overtired parents get cranky.

  2. I agree with Angelika. You can certainly do all three – probably journalism, as well. At least the occasional scathing editorial. Sleep, shmeep. Says I, at 1am.

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