Writing Books vs Producing Films

If all goes as planned (famous last words; see Battle of Waterloo, Tower of Babel, etc), I’m going to start working on an indie film. Currently, I have no free time and would prefer to sleep about an hour more per night, but some things need doing (see capture of Adolf Eichmann, invention of doughnut, etc).

I used to work in television many years ago, so I have a realistic idea of what a film shoot entails. However, despite having worked on a fair number of dramas and documentaries, it is still somewhat out of my comfort zone merely due to the amount of people involved. When I’m writing a book, it just involves me until I get to the beta and editing stages. I like that, as I’m essentially a selfish, introverted person (I’m sanding away on that; see effects of being married). Working on a film necessitates, at the least, a small group of people. Any time you get a group of people together, you have issues. The larger the group, the more the issues and the more serious they become (see State of California). If you get a really large group of people together, you’re mostly in trouble (see US government, the planet Earth, etc).

Still, making a film can be worth it. For one thing, I’m getting more and more irritated by the chuckleheads in Hollywood, so I figure it’s time to test a script.

At any rate, despite all that, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns, cast bread upon the water, and put my money where my mouth is (see mixing metaphors).

12 thoughts on “Writing Books vs Producing Films”

  1. We’re going to be sticking to the central coast area. However, if you’re ever out here, you’re more than welcome.

  2. I happen to have an acquaintance who worked for Disney, and others, for many years. He is currently on disability because of serious health problems, but I am told he is a brilliantly creative cinematographer/director, well-known in the industry for many memorable, wholesome projects. He is incredibly frustrated that he cannot work, and I thought of him as I read this post. If you would like me to help you make the connection, please let me know and I will ask him to contact you. It would be an incredible blessing for him to feel useful right now, and he might be an invaluable resource. His wife is a good friend.

    1. I’d love to talk with someone like that. Let me check with the other guys who are working on the project with me first. I’ll be in touch. Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I’ll check it out. Are you pretty much constantly doing video projects these days? By the way, almost finished watching Stephen Meyer’s new series. Great stuff. Did you work on that?

      1. My time is more focused on the CitizenLink family of websites. I still edit a couple of videos a week and do special videos here and there.

        I love working with video and really need to do more just on my own. I’m fortunate enough to have a Canon DSLR that shoots beautiful HD video, so I have very little excuse not to.

    1. I co-wrote the script for The Fellows Hip, but I had nothing to do with the actual production. That was all done out on in Virginia. Too far to commute from CA. No, the one I’m writing about is brand new.

    1. It’s a collaboration with Chris and Jeff. I think you know them. Or do you? My memory is not firing on all cylinders.

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