Actually, I’m not a woohoo type of person. I’ve been accused (correctly) of being poker-faced (even though I do not play poker) and guarded with my emotions. I steer clear of psychologists as I’m certain they would view me as the down payment on their vacation home in Tahoe. However, permit me a very small and controlled woohoo in honor of The Hawk hitting number three on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Historical Fantasy list.

7 thoughts on “Woohoo!”

    1. Thanks, Brondt. The whole numbers/placement dynamic on Amazon is pretty interesting. The higher the ranking, the more compressed the “air” gets. I suppose it’s kind of like diving down into the ocean – the deeper you go, the harder it gets.

  1. Permit me to offer my sincere and entirely restrained German-style congratulations on this achievement in your artistic career [sincerely and restrainedly offers her hand for a congratulatory handshake]. Aw, what the heck: WOOHOO!!!!

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