…with all these memorials all over the place?

My parents recently road-tripped their way across the country and back, ambling through quite a few states, as well as the frozen tundra of Canada. One of the stops they made was at Gettsyburg. They went on a tour with a highly informative park ranger who discussed the different portions of the battle, the various significant officers involved, the regiments. I would have enjoyed being on that tour, as I find the Civil War a fascinating era. I’ve never been to Gettsyburg, but it is on my short list. Once the boys are old enough, we’re heading east to tour the Revolutionary War and Civil War sites. Apparently, one of the interesting evolutions of the Gettysburg battlefield is the preponderance of memorials. Each state that had men fighting in the battle has, over the years, put up a memorial commemorating their involvement. The memorials range from quite large to very large. Statues of soldiers and officers and horses and cannon–that sort of thing.

My parents said another tour attendee had a somewhat alarming question for the ranger.

“How could they have fought with all these memorials all over the place?”

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