When a Butterfly Flaps its Wings…Muslim Brotherhood Offices get Torched

The old chaos theory idea presupposes that everything in the universe is connected. Or, if you want to put differently, tiny pebbles yield large ripples. Those ripples might be highly destructive and they might show up far away from the tiny pebbles.

So, when a butterfly flaps its wings, does that mean the Muslim Brotherhood offices in Alexandria (Egypt, they haven’t officially come to Virginia yet, at least, as far as I know) end up getting torched? I guess so.

This line of reasoning opens up immense possibilities in how you analyze the news. For instance, the fact that a naked man climbed on top of a statue in Trafalgar Square might be the reason why an anti-Putin punker has been put in solitary confinement. By the way, Trafalgar Square is in London, not Alexandria, Egypt. If a naked man had climbed on top of a statue in Egypt (on top of the Sphinx, for instance), the subsequent riots would’ve burned down the world, and I’m sure several bewildered Youtube directors from Orange County would be instantly thrown in jail.

You might not see the connection between the naked statue-climber and the jailed anti-Putin punker, but it’s there if you squint hard enough. Here’s the way I see it (and, for your information, I don’t see it as I’m typing this sentence, but I’m confident I’ll figure it out in the next five seconds). My guess is that a Russian attache was hurrying through Trafalgar Square when the naked statue-climber began his climb. This afforded the Russian attache, who was a rather uptight female spy, a cross-cultural visual experience that she had not been expecting. The experience, having done nothing to improve Russian-British relations, other than souring the attache’s perspective on British hygiene, prompted the attache to dash off an interesting memo to her spy-boss in the Kremlin. Once received, the memo triggered an official review of Western influences-as-behavioral-virus in modern Russian society. The review, copied to all law enforcement agencies, ended up on the desk of the prison head in Perm, where the singers from the punk band, Pussy Riot, are incarcerated. The prison head, made nervous by the idea of Western influences actually causing viruses (he immediately thought of the bubonic plague due to not reading the review carefully), promptly clapped the band members and a hippie from California in solitary confinement in order to stop the spread of the plague.

There. You see? It becomes clear, once you squint hard enough.

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