Want a Kindle version of The Fury Clock…?

If you’re a friend/fan of mine on Goodreads or Facebook and want a Kindle version of The Fury Clock, comment on this post or email me before midnight of June 5. I’m feeling kindly these days as my mortality stares me in the face. Who knew that one’s mortality was such a handsome conversationalist? Though, I’ve begun to notice that all he wants to discuss is philosophy.

7 thoughts on “Want a Kindle version of The Fury Clock…?”

  1. So I’m a bit behind the times and am just starting into your bookish length books… but I have enjoyed the shorts! I look forward to reading all of them now that my world has somewhat re-righted itself and I find myself back with the possibility of time on my hands…

    1. Glad you like the stories. I certainly enjoy writing them. I’m off to send you a copy of the Fury Clock. It’s about as silly as a story can get, but hopefully it’ll make you laugh…

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