Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories

If you write fantasy or if you read fantasy, if you’re a Tolkien fan or if you wonder about the limits of reality versus the limits of the imagination, you must read Tolkien’s essay On Fairy Stories.

If you enjoy spicy chicken wings or drinking merlot, or if you’re a fan of Kevin Costner or Justin Bieber (well…I might have to draw the line with him), or if you participate in synchronized swimming or throw pots (either on a wheel or out of pique), then you should read Tolkien’s essay.

If your name is Jim or Katherine or Herbert or some other name, you should read it.

What I’m attempting to make clear is that you should read it.

4 thoughts on “Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories”

  1. Kevin Who? Spicy chicken wings – not so much. Merlot – check. Synchronized swimming – nope. Pot throwing – check (on both counts). Having a name – check. Okay, I think I qualify. But then, I’ve already read it. But that was so long ago I need to do it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. It sounds like the perfect read for my fantasy loving clan – especially my budding novelist who is currently crafting a modern Greek mythology set within a computer game: Minecraft. Leave it to a 13 year old boy to combine love of fantasy/gaming with a homework assignment:). I haven’t thrown a pan lately, but I have just entered Smaug’s lair with my 8 year old and we are both bewitched by dragon speak.

    1. It would be educational for your budding novelist. Though, it’s very much more of an academic read as opposed to fiction. Your 8-year-old might not enjoy it that much. 8? Has he encountered Redwall yet? My 8-year-old (just turned 8 last week) loves that series.

  3. How have we not encountered Redwall? Thanks for the recommendation! Ben and I will get started as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten.

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