The Wrong Song (or Sarongs)

The Wrong Song

As I age and progress in maturity, thinning hair, and general awesomeness, I find that I’m leaning more and more libertarian. The change is for lots of reasons. As a writer, though, one of the reasons is that I think it’s fairly crazy for the government to want 40% of my book proceeds (that’s their latest tax goal for small businesses). Are they insane? 40% of the results of my mental agony and keyboard-tapping anguish? Why don’t they just hack off 40% of my books? Take all the adjectives, half the verbs and the dangling participles. Take 40% of the characters and incorporate them into your government literature (“…if you don’t pay your DMV bill on time, the sceadu will come to collect the bill…”).


Anyway, it is mainly in the honor of government that I hastily composed The Wrong Song (or Sarongs). It took about 20 minutes to record (yeah, yeah–I can hear the smartypants out there right now: “it sure sounds like it only took you 20 minutes”), and another hour for the video. I’m kind of intrigued by the minimal lyric approach. Maybe this’ll be the start of a whole line of mini micro-focus songs? The next one’s lyrics could be “floss your teeth” or “penguins are mean” or “send me chocolate NOW.”

Lots of possibilities here.

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