The Wicked Day cover

Josh Addessi, the artist who did my cover for The Shadow at the Gate, also did the cover for The Wicked Day. He spent a good amount of time humoring my nitpicking. Anyway, he did a great job (and if anyone is interested in hiring him, you can contact him through his site).

7 thoughts on “The Wicked Day cover”

  1. That is a sweet cover. Very nice looking it should grab some attention when people are scanning through books for sure.

  2. Aha! I figured out why your book covers never appear for me in your blog posts. I’m guessing you’re using Safari. It’s pretty much the only browser I’m aware of that supports a TIFF file using the tag. Firefox, IE, and most other browsers need Quicktime or another TIFF plug-in, and none of them know to pass an tag to a plug-in. You need to use the tag, instead. Directions can be seen in example 1 here:

    Alternatively, you can use a PNG file, which is also lossless and most browsers support via the tag. Using a PNG file is more likely to ensure that everyone can see your new cover art when you post it.


    1. My poor brain barely grappled with your advice, but I think I got it now. I’ll fiddle with PNG versions and see what happens (and, yeah, I’m using Safari). Glad you liked the cover. The artist, Josh, did a great job, particularly with the horse.

      1. Yeah, that horse gives me goosebumps. I really must agree. Mr. Addessi’s art is fantastic. He’s definitely one of the folks I intend to contact when I finish something. I know (of) far too many artists. It’s so hard to choose.

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