The Resurrection of Fear

Years ago, back in grad school, a friend and I co-wrote a script called Fear. Scott had come up with the idea and then, for reasons that escape my memory, asked me to collaborate. It turned out to be one of the best stories I’ve ever worked on. We finished it and then, as is common with writers, weren’t sure what to do with the final project. It ended up gathering dust on our hard drives. Lately, I’ve been bugging Scott about every six months that we should take it and convert it into a book. A couple days ago, he finally saw the light. I’m very excited about this one. We wrote about fifteen drafts of the script, so our starting point for the book is lean and precise. One more project to add to the fire (film project, novella, next Tormay book, satire book, Sleeping Beauty project [inspired by Ice and Fire story], and Fear). I wish there was a third end from which to burn the candle.

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