The Rangers – epic fantasy web series

Looks like we’ll be kicking into a summer production for The Rangers web series. The same core team that produced the indie film The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers will be running this project. I co-wrote the script for The Fellows Hip due to an old friendship that traced back to my grad school days. Ron Newcomb, the director of that movie, is going to direct The Rangers, and Scott Mathias, the producer of TFH, will be producing The Rangers.

I co-wrote the script for The Rangers with those two. I must say, I’ve never written a script that fast in all my life. Not that I’ve written a lot of scripts (maybe six so far?). Books are my cup of tea (I tend to only drink mint tea, and then with lots of honey and lemon juice). At any rate, I think the project is going to be a little gem. Both Ron and Scott are dedicated and quite focused. What’s more, they know what they’re doing with budgets and schedules and talent.

Anyway, stay tuned…

…and, by the way, if you know anyone who wants to get involved (either on the talent side or the funding side), let me know.

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