The rabbit looked bored

Saturday, we were out for a walk along the bay in Monterey. Lovely day, full of sunlight and the satisfaction that I was not out on a sailboat, due to the sight of the wind kicking the wave-tops into foam. Along the way, we passed a gentleman seated on crate and politely asking passers-by for money. He did this in a successful way, as he was also strumming a guitar and had a rabbit perched on his hat. His lyrics, which were somewhat repetitive, were generally along the lines of “I have a rabbit on my head. How did that rabbit get on my head? I wonder if the rabbit is going to jump down off my head” [repeat indefinitely]. Passers-by looked bemused (while taking out their wallets). The man looked amused. The rabbit looked bored.

I suppose there’s an Easter parable in there somewhere, but I can’t figure it out. I assume the rabbit would later get a hefty percentage, payable in carrots.

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