The problem with names

Our third boy is scheduled to arrive in late August. This sort of event requires all sorts of preparation: additional car seat, large supply of diapers, and deciding how to pay for his college education (this will be accomplished by either striking oil in our backyard or discovering a vein of gold beneath our lawn–with the amount of random excavating our two eldest boys do, both of these are distinct possibilities).

The other bit of preparation is coming up with a name.

Currently, I’m in favor of the name Rastapopolus. I’ve always been fond of that name. It was popularized due to the series of Tintin books created by the Belgian writer/illustrator Georges Remi. Rastapopolus is the name of one of the main villains in the series, a delightfully wicked and scheming arch-criminal who is constantly and consistently thwarted by Tintin in various stories. As an aside, if you haven’t read the Tintin books, you are missing out.

Oddly enough, my wife is not in favor of Rastapopolus. I can’t fathom her antipathy for the name. Despite my reasoned arguments (that the name is highly memorable and that he will rarely ever find himself in a social situation where multiple people in the same room have the same name), she is standing firm. What’s more, she is demanding ultimate veto power.

I might have to retreat on that name and try a few others. I’m currently considering Atilla, Genghis, and Montezuma.

2 thoughts on “The problem with names”

  1. Would it help your cause if I mailed you a monocle? Then the young ‘un would have a headstart on the proper Rastapopolus attire, which might convince your wife in favour of the name.

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