The Problem with Love and Madness

Rummaging through old files trying to find some even older music for Nate (old friend) when I discovered some old sketch tracks. A few of them are kind of interesting. Here’s one called (for now) The Problem With Love, and here’s another called Madness. Just single guitar, single voice. They both have some possibilities for more extensive, careful recording. Paging Mike Pilato?

The Problem With Love



5 thoughts on “The Problem with Love and Madness”

    1. I found a couple other songs you might be familiar with (Sirens, Pure, Hosea’s Girl, The Dove). Do you want the mp3s? Let me know and I’ll email them to you. Still haven’t found that Flowers cd, but I’m reasonably certain it exists. Somewhere.

  1. Man, I’ve been wanting to do something with “The Problem with Love” (aka “Thoughts on Lewis’ Conversion”) for years. Even sketched out an arrangement which you may or may not recall.

    “Madness” is one my fave Bunn tunes, too. Never considered mucking with it, though.

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