The power of words and Brookside Chocolate

A chocolate commercial? I’ll explain…

Not so long ago, in a fit of exuberance fueled by Brookside Chocolate, I wrote a review on Amazon about said chocolate. I don’t often write reviews, primarily because I’m loathe to review books as a writer (it can have bad, unintended consequences). When I do write reviews, they’re of other things, such as chocolate.

Anyway, to my surprise, the Brookside marketing people contacted me one day and asked if they could quote part of my review in some marketing material. I said, yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I? They make a good product. My review ended up in a TV spot.

This summer, Brookside contacted me again and asked me if I wouldn’t mind being in one of their commercials. I said, yes, of course! I’m not one for being on-camera (I don’t even like being in still photos), but Brookside is a good cause.

Anyway, a camera team showed up at my house several weeks ago and filmed here and there. They spent some time on our main ranch and then filmed some bits in front of my house with me and their main actor (George, the chocolate delivery man). That commercial is live now, and is the one at the top of this post. Rather fun, and I think they did an excellent job.

So, if you’re interested in seeing me in action, take a look. That’s the front of my house at the end, of course. Built in 1890 and still standing, regardless of California earthquakes. And, yes, they did give me one hundred pounds of chocolate. The commercial is part of a promotion they’re doing–an actual contest to win 100 lbs of chocolate (you know you want to enter!).

Creatives being creative. I have to say, the folks at Brookside have inspired me to get back to writing.

2 thoughts on “The power of words and Brookside Chocolate”

  1. Your house looks like the setting for an idyllic fairytale. Are the boys now living on nothing but Brookside chocolates? I’m pretty sure my three sons could polish it off in a week.

    1. It’s an 1890s farmhouse, and still completely surrounded by farm fields. Idyllic, but with tractors and field crews and the occasional crop duster at 4 in the morning. I think we’re all living in a fairytale, aren’t we? Wicked kings, devious advisers, strange portents on the horizon…

      My boys, strangely enough, aren’t big into sweets. Must be some kind of genetic mutation. We’re probably going to give away most of the chocolate for Christmas. 100 lbs is a lot of chocolate!

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