The Mysterious Apostrophe

Apparently, quite a lot of people find the apostrophe mysterious. They seem puzzled by it, uncertain of what to do with the strange little thing. They seem to think that it is decorative or optional or something dictated by religious or cultural preferences. They sprinkle it with abandon over their sentences like a cook sprinkles grated parmesan over a plate of pasta.

Please, for the love of God, stop.

5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Apostrophe”

  1. It’s all right there in Elements of Style, section 1. Just read that the other day. So clear, that book, except there is no possessive plural section. Strange omission. I’d be happy with a proper understanding of its and it’s every once in a while. Then, on to good use of commas! Oh, pleeeez . . . I am not asking for semi-colons, people!

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