The Lop-Eared Rabbit

We have a lop-eared rabbit that constantly escapes from his pen. I imagine he does it out of boredom, mostly. Lop-ears look bored. It’s a systemic condition for them, due to how their ears droop. Anyway, I caught him by myself today, even though it took four people to catch him yesterday.

I might add rabbit-catching to my resume. Who knows? In this job climate, that additional ability might be the crucial difference between getting hired and not getting hired. Of course, I’m not looking for job.

And, no. This lop-eared rabbit is not a close relative of the Educated Rabbit. As far as I know.

2 thoughts on “The Lop-Eared Rabbit”

  1. Boredom? I doubt it. Quest for education, more like- he, too, wants to be An Educated Rabbit. Maybe if you write him a song, as well, he won’t feel so left out and lose that urge to escape in a quest for betterment.

    1. In addition to education, he needs a good home. Anyone looking for a friendly lop-eared rabbit, fond of carrots, celery, and Steve McQueen-style escapes?

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