The limitations of retirement

The news tempts me every day with its comic possibilities. Rather, to be more specific, the news of what politicians say and do tempts me. Our mysterious and possibly insane vice president, Joe Biden, is a veritable treasure trove of humorous extrapolation. His pronouncements concerning guns are both delightful and alarming. Musing on them now, I’m actually more and more convinced he’s off his rickety rocker. Anyone who advocates firing shotguns through closed doors is several lightbulbs short of a fully lit chandelier. However, having a lunatic in such high office is a wonderful thing. It means anyone can aspire to anything in America! Come one, come all, give me your poor, your tired huddled masses, your lunatics, and they can become the vice president of the country or Justin Bieber (both of them probably exercise similar amounts of influence on the populace).

On the subject of comic possibilities, I’m toying with the idea of creating my own little Saturday Night Live, but with puppets. The only thing I need to acquire (other than vast amounts of free time) is a decent video camera. My mother owns scads of puppets (yes, scads–she’s been a fairly serious puppeteer for more than four decades); I could borrow a dozen or so from her. My wife (accomplished seamstress and set decorator that she is) could build the sets. I’ll write the scripts…


Why the heck did I title this The Limitations of Retirement? Mind glitch.

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