The Hobbit

Tonight, we’re off to see a stage production of The Hobbit at our local community center. My town has a children’s repertory theater that puts on quite a few plays each year. Some big and some small. They do quite a few literature adaptations, from stories like Frog and Toad to stories like, well, The Hobbit. My niece is in tonight’s production, as well as quite a few children who go to the church I belong to. I’m curious to go because it’s Tolkien, for goodness’ sakes, but also because I’m on the lookout for someone in the seven to ten years range for a key role in the film I’m writing. I don’t expect any problems finding actors for all the other roles, but a younger role like that is problematic.

Anyway, speaking of The Hobbit, if you haven’t seen any of Peter Jackson’s video blogs about the making of The Hobbit, then you really need to check one or two out. Fascinating stuff. Here are the first four…

Making of The Hobbit #1

Making of The Hobbit #2

Making of The Hobbit #3

Making of The Hobbit #4

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