The first of the Tormay Tales…

I’m about to publish the first of my Tormay Tales. This one is called The Silver Girl and it’s a fairly longish story about one of the main characters from The Tormay Trilogy. It takes place a little time after the end of trilogy, up in the northeastern wilds. Near the duchy of Dolan, I suppose, but in one of those areas that really doesn’t belong to any specific duchy. Backwoods.

It was rather a lot of fun to write this story. No pressure to keep long skeins of plot and character development weaving together through hundreds and hundreds of pages. Just a simple 10,000+ words. More like throwing a single clay pot as opposed to the warp and woof (woof?) of a vast weaving. Anyway, I aim to have it published before the end of the week, and then it’ll be onto the next Tormay story (though, I have a thriller novella called Sparrow Falls which is diverting a lot of my attention–I need to either clone myself or start outsourcing my writing).

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