The First 144 Seconds

The First 144 SecondsThis is what I spent my weekend doing (in addition to working in the yard, returning a borrowed cement mixer, going to church, taking the kiddos swimming, reading M. M. Kaye’s Death in Cyprus [my wife has all of the Death in______ books; very well written stories if you like old school romantic thrillers a la Mary Stewart], etc etc etc). I began this piece with a fairly complicated piano section and then built everything around that. However, once I got past the bass and guitar lines, I ended up trashing the piano. That’s sort of like how cooking with eggplant should usually end up.

5 thoughts on “The First 144 Seconds”

  1. Visions of Christopher, attacking his piano with a hatchet. Oh, you didn’t mean that kind of trashing?
    Nice piece. I always enjoy your a capella music.

    And I’ve never read any of the “Death in…” books. Shall do so ASAP. But – oh my goodness! – now that I’m looking up M. M. Kaye, I see she’s the author of one of my favourite children’s books! “The Ordinary Princess” is the book I was going to write, except she beat me to it by some 20 years. Now I’m really looking forward of reading more of hers.

      1. I’m afraid I meant the much more boring version of trashing (dragging a file into the trashcan on my desktop). Not at all as exciting as taking a hatchet to my piano.

        You’d probably really enjoy Kaye’s Death books. My wife is a big fan. They were her mainstay for reading before she moved on to Heyer. Death in Cyprus, Death in Berlin, and Death in Kashmir are probably the three best.

          1. Let me know what you think. I’m assuming you’ll like her writing, but, you never know.

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