The Federal Government has inspired me…

…to raise my own personal debt ceiling. I’m off to phone up Visa in order to get my credit limit raised.

Visa Person in South Carolina or India (I’m not sure, as the accent is a real puzzler): How may I help you today, Mr. Bunn?

Me: I’d like to raise my credit limit.

Visa: Certainly. I can help you with that. I can approve you right now for 10,000 dollars.

Me: I was thinking a bit higher. There’s a lot of stuff I want. I need to spend.

Visa: 12,000?

Me: How about 12 million?

Visa: Uh…

Me: Or 10 million. That’s a nice, round number.

Visa: Um…

The conversation went poorly from there, as we didn’t see eye-to-eye on the new limit. Also, the Visa person didn’t agree with my logic that, if I ran out of funds with which to reimburse them, I could just create some cool-looking bonds (Municipal Bunns, insured by the future earnings of my kids and grandkids) and sell them to raise money. Or, if that didn’t work, my neighbors could just pay my debts for me.

Darn those people at Visa. They seem very stodgy. They need to think larger, dream bigger, as well as include more fiber in their diet.

2 thoughts on “The Federal Government has inspired me…”

  1. You could spend the entire ten mill on nothing but smiley-faced undies and still be considered a more responsible borrower. At least you’d have something to show for it.


  2. I buy mine at Costco. Ten million would go a long way there… Plus, they have all those free food samples (which, I suppose, is capitalism’s version of entitlements).

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