Tax Day Free Fantasy: April 17!

In celebration of Tax Day being here (and almost over), a brave and charitable band of fantasy writers has, well, banded together to bestow their stories for free on the world (of Kindle-users).

For the 24 hours of April 17, 2012 AD, the following books can be had for free. Please pass the word around in honor of the looming shadow of the IRS being lifted for the rest of the year.

Betrovia, by Dave King

The White Tree, by Edward W. Robinson

Last Chance Jack, by Cate Dean

Fall of Ossard, by Colin Taber

Jadeflies, by Matthew Musser

Death’s Hand, by S. M. Reine

The Red Cross of Gold, by Brendan Carroll

Corner of a Round Planet, by E. Stoops

Lovers and Beloved, by MeiLin Miranda

Little Girl Lost, by Tristan J. Tarwater

Blood Duty, by J. R. Tomlin

Ice and Fire, by Christopher Bunn

Maggie for Hire, by Kate Danley


2 thoughts on “Tax Day Free Fantasy: April 17!”

    1. I actually haven’t read any of them. I’m planning on checking them all out. I belong to an indie authors’ forum and, several weeks back, one of the authors thought up the idea of banding together a bunch of the fantasy writers and doing this tax-free day to see if it would have any interesting cross-promotion effects.

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