VeggieTales and Everyday Kindness

I recently had the pleasure to write some scripts for the VeggieTales podcast, and the first of those scripts just went live on the official VeggieTales site. Rather exciting to hear one’s words come to life via someone else’s direction and interpretation!

Even though I use to work in production television a long, long time ago, I find it much more enjoyable to stick to the writing and let someone else worry about the actual production. Maybe that’s because I’m getting old and decrepit.

NBC Universal owns VeggieTales and, every year, they release podcast episodes starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. The episodes are fashioned along the lines of an old-style radio variety show. Each episode has a theme such as Joy, Forgiveness, Telling the Truth, etc. And, just as in a variety show, Bob and Larry interview different guests on the show. Sound effects and music are interwoven throughout.

The newly-released episode I wrote is called Everyday Kindness. While the VT podcasts are aimed at young children, the messages they carry are certainly applicable to all of us. I know I still need to work on my everyday kindness…

Anyway, please click on over and give it a listen, particularly if you have young children.