Dungeon Raiders on Kindle Vella

Calling all epic fantasy readers and dungeon raiders!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Amazon just started publishing episodic stories via what they are calling Kindle Vella. Oddly enough, you can’t read them on Kindles, but only on the Kindle app (either iPhone or on your laptop/desktop). Seems strange that they didn’t add the function to actual Kindles, but I imagine they’ll do that in the future.

Who knows what else the future holds? Sharks with laser beam eyes, wormholes through space, time travel, shrink-wrapped vacations, personal mountains, pet dragons, the disappearance of humor?

I’ve been tinkering for years with a story called The Dungeon Raiders. It’s about a farm boy (of course–it’s a time-honored trope, plus, I’m a farm boy myself) named Ben who ends up joining a band of adventurers who make their money plundering old ruins. There’s a bit more to the story than that, but that’s the basic idea. It has elves, dwarves, various monsters of many different kinds, a cantankerous old wizard, lots of treasure, curses, pirates, lost kingdoms, doors into other dimensions and realities, femme fatales, some romance (I’m not great with writing romance, but I try to include it here and there–bear with me), fights, chases, escapes, good food, some bad food, dragons, you name it. And a wicked step-mother, of course.

Anyway, I’ve started putting the story up on Kindle Vella in episodes. Kindle Vella only allows a maximum of 6,000 words per episode, so they really are more like mini episodes. Please check it out if you like such stories…

Friends in Masks

A friend of mine from the land of Oz, and fellow-fantasy writer, Ashley Capes, has an epic fantasy series called The Bone Mask Trilogy out on Amazon and the various other ebook sites. His books feature a young thief as one of the main characters, just like Jute in my Tormay trilogy. Anyway, the first book in the series, City of Masks, is going to be free on April 4, so check it out if you get a chance.

city of masks

In other news, I’ve decided to lay claim to Mars as my ancestral home. Just need to find a good lawyer who specializes in that sort of thing. Mars sounds pretty peaceful these days in comparison to all the nonsense going on in these parts!