Sunlight out in the Stars

I’m not sure why, but I spent some time today wondering (and realizing) that there’s sunlight out among the stars. All those stars you see at night (and all the billions you don’t)? If you get close enough to them–say, somewhere around 93 million miles away–you’ll be in their sunlight. How many stars are out there? Billions upon billions. Some number like that, but much bigger. That’s a lot of sunlight. And, yet, it looks so dark up there. That’s a lot of darkness, but I guess the light still shines in the darkness. Not a ring of endless light, as Madeline L’Engle wrote, because I doubt you could arrange black holes into the proper symmetry to achieve a ring of light.

Just one of those thoughts. Maybe it’ll show up in a story some day. The Fighting Space Elves and the Sunlit Galaxy War. Or something like that.

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