Strawberry Pie

If anyone has an excellent, fantastic, superb, amazing, incredible, mind-blowing (metaphorically), awesome, jaw-dropping recipe for strawberry pie, let me know. Also, I must add that I am usually not in favor of excessive adjective use. It tends to be an addiction.

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  1. sure, adjective use is an addiction, but so is strawberry pie.
    here’s one that i LOVE from Cook’s Country, enjoy!

    Ice Box Strawberry Pie
    With a red filling so bright it hurts, berries big enough to be plums, and poufy whipped cream, diner-style strawberry pies always look inviting. But these no-bake desserts often taste more like plastic than pie. We wondered if better ingredients could deliver a pie that lived up to its looks. Here’s what we discovered:

    Test Kitchen Discoveries
    •We used 2 pounds of frozen berries (which worked well for cooking and cost less than fresh) and cooked them down in a dry saucepan until they released their juices and the mixture was thick, concentrated, and flavorful.
    •Be sure that the reduced berries measure 2 cups exactly; if the mixture measures any more, the filling will be loose.
    •Because strawberries are low in pectin, the natural thickener found in citrus fruits and many other plants, we added some lemon juice, which perked up the flavor and tightened the texture of the filling a little. To thicken the filling further, we added a bit of unflavored gelatin, which produced a clean-slicing, not-too-bouncy pie.
    •After stirring in the gelatin—which we combined with the lemon juice and water—along with sugar and salt, we then stirred in fresh strawberries off the heat. This gave us the big berry flavor we wanted.
    •Diner strawberry pies typically get a squirt of Reddi-wip, but we made our own. We whipped cream cheese into real whipped cream along with vanilla and sugar for a slightly tangy topping that balanced the sweetness of the berries.
    •Use our No-Fear Pie Crust recipe or use your own.

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