song sketch: clock shout

clockshoutThis one took about three hours from start to finish: writing through recording and mixing. Yeah, yeah…I can hear some of the smart Alecs out there already (3 hours? it sounds like 3 hours). Anyway, this is therapy for me. Much cheaper than paying some guy with a psychology degree to sit and listen to me not say anything and then scribble expensive things in his notepad.

There’s a lot of messy stuff going on in this arrangement (clipping meters, typically sloppy guitar playing, clueless drums, etc), but I think the shambling whole works with the sum of its parts.

And…instead of writing epic fantasy like I should, on to the next song. Though, I do need to do an edit on the short-form Rangers script. Shooting starts in August, and there’s some cleanup necessary, plus one long scene that needs to be savagely shortened.

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