Saturday Night 8:43pm piano doodling

Saturday Night 8_43pmPiano and cello. That’s all, folks. Last one to leave, please remember to turn out the lights. Of course, the sun’ll switch itself off eventually, so hang onto your memories of sunlight.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night 8:43pm piano doodling”

  1. I always liked your doodling. And the light was back on when I got here this morning.

    Visuals to go with this piece: romantic lead strolling slowly along picturesque beach, hands in her jacket pocket, kicking up small rocks, looking after departing birds, and having scenes of her and male romantic lead in tender moments running through her head (also shown, in flash-back style). At the end, fade-out to distant tree.

    1. Thanks. Hmm. I don’t think I was imagining romantic leads wandering about with this one, but feel free to start shooting. Just be sure to cut me in for part of the profits when you sell the film!

  2. No, I didn’t think you were. Those visuals just seemed to fit the pensive mood of the music better than, say, hand-to-hand combat on a rickety bridge over a boiling lake of lava. Royalty check will be in the mail as soon as it shows its pockmarked face around here anywhere.
    Incidentally, I keep clicking on that piece and listening to it over and over. ‘Tis lovely, really ’tis.

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