Reviews, Interviews, and Points to View

There’s a huge difference between point of view and points to view, isn’t there?

The inestimable Sue McLarty at Cookie’s Book Club just pulled off a review of The Shadow at the Gate and an interview with me at the same time. Thankfully, she enjoyed the Shadow, which is always a relief for me when I’ve sent a book out to a book review blogger. Other than writing the book, I didn’t have to work for the review. However, she made me work in the interview. She pursued some questions that went beyond the routine. For someone like me who’s always second-guessing and analyzing, that made the interview a pleasure. Anyway, you can read the review and the interview on Sue’s guest-blog at KindleObsessed.

6 thoughts on “Reviews, Interviews, and Points to View”

  1. I read A Hawk and His Boy and Shadow at the Gate after reading the review and interview on Kindle Obsessed and am so excited to read the next book! Do you have a ball park idea of when it will be available?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the first two books. As far as the last book goes, I’m hoping to have it on Amazon by the end of this week (unless, of course, something unusual happens, like North America getting hit by a huge asteroid).

      1. I think that ship has sailed…
        I will be keeping an eye on Amazon and will be recommending the trilogy to out school librarian. Thank you for the blog visit and comment too.

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