Review of A Storm in Tormay on the Best in Fantasy Blog

Nice surprise this morning! I discovered that the Best in Fantasy Blog just gave me a very kind review of A Storm in Tormay! Unexpected and out of the blue. Connie Jaspersen, author of The Last Good Knight and Tower of Bones, is the reviewer and proprietor of that site. If you get a chance, head on over to her blog and check it out. She has a lot of fantasy and science fiction reviews.

2 thoughts on “Review of A Storm in Tormay on the Best in Fantasy Blog”

  1. “The threads of these characters are woven together to form a tapestry which is compelling and absorbing. This is a deep tale, and is frequently heart-rending.” … Rich words!

    1. Thanks, Doug! That was a very kind review.

      How’s your writing going these days? Are you still working on Vinegarone or is that wrapped?

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