Read an E-Book Week (and 4 of my books are free at Smashwords)

March 3-9 is Read an E-Book Week. I’m still somewhat hazy as to why it’s that week, but, hey, who cares? Maybe it’s because the planets aligned to form the shape of a book or maybe because the Queen of Sweden declared it was so? Anyway, you can visit the official site, learn more, enter a contest to win a Kindle PaperWhite or a Nook, score some free books, eat some amazing onion rings, etc. Okay, you can’t get onion rings there (the internet is sadly limited in certain aspects, such as digital-to-analog food transfer).

In honor of the week, I’ve set four of my titles to free at Smashwords. Ankle on over (to borrow a phrase from Wodehouse) and grab ’em. In case you’re wondering, they are: The Mike Murphy Files, The Girl Next Door, The Ocean Won’t Burn, and The Christmas Caper. Spread the word, s’il vous plait.

Also, don’t forget that the Infamous Amazing Spectacularly Fantastic and Breath-taking Indie Fantasy Bundle is running over at StoryBundle! It’s a pretty righteous deal. Seriously. Where else can you get so many quality fantasy books for just one dollar? Though, you can pay more than that if you want.

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