Print proofs for the trilogy books

I received print proofs for the trilogy books today. I’m doing the printing through Amazon’s Createspace. So far, I’ve had nothing but an excellent experience with them: easy to use interface, easy setup, prompt file reviews, and only a couple of days wait for the books to arrive in the mail. I realize other people have reported unsatisfactory experiences with Createspace, but I have nothing to complain.

I do have something to complain, however, about my formatting. I made a silly spacing mistake in The Hawk and His Boy, and I also made a font mistake in one small spot in The Wicked Day. The Shadow at the Gate is perfect. Therefore, once more into the breach! I’ll need new proofs for the two books. Oh well.

Happily, I also got a proof for the Mike Murphy Files and it looks good. Time to set that one live.

2 thoughts on “Print proofs for the trilogy books”

  1. Oh, so you’re publishing Tormay separately as well as in one great slab of a doorstop? Maybe I’ll wait til those are out before plonking down my cash. I’m not as crazy about books that require a lectern to read them on. Plus, with the separate editions you get *all* the cool cover art.

    1. Yeah, the doorstop is really more for myself, for presents and reviews. It’s enormous and I don’t expect people to buy it. The three separate books are much more manageable. Plus, like you said, they have all the art.

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