Presto! First Two Indie Ebook Author Interviews

I’ve decided to start doing interviews of authors from the indie ebook segment of the publishing industry. And here I am, jumping in with the first two. Brian Kittrell, who writes horror, and Jason Matthews, who writes spiritual/sci-fi. I haven’t read their books, but that’s not the point. What I’m interested in doing here is simply spreading the word about the indie ebook revolution in general. Long live Ones and Zeros! Poor old Gutenberg. He’s probably doing a few revolutions in his grave as we speak/read/write.

6 thoughts on “Presto! First Two Indie Ebook Author Interviews”

  1. If gut old Gutenberg is revolving underground, it only serves him right. After all, he’s just getting his own back; he did it to the medieval manuscript copyists.

    1. Thanks, Misha. You know, I’m still hoping to read a book from you someday. I imagine it’d be called something like “From Kabul to Bellingham”…

    1. Thanks, Brian, for taking the time to do the interview. Best of luck with The Survivor Chronicles and everything else in your creative future.

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