Pies and Goats and Policemen

Pie-baking this morning. Apple, ollalieberry (for all you skeptics out there, yes, there is such a thing as an ollalieberry), strawberry-rhubarb, mixed berry, apple-raspberry, and apple pear. There’s nothing quite like a fresh pie out of the oven. The problem with that statement is that it really doesn’t mean much, other than an indication of the singularity of pie. One can just as easily say, there’s nothing quite like an escaped goat heading straight for a strawberry field (which also happened this morning).

In other news, police in Pelham, New Hampshire, tasered a cow who had wandered free from her pasture. Sergeant Mike Pickles (interesting last name – somewhat along the lines of Bunn) remarked, “It blew through a wooden fence right next to me. That was the time a decision was made. I have to do something to try and control this animal,” he said. “As a matter of public safety, that is a better option than just allowing things to happen and people get hurt.”

This is an excellent display of tax dollars hard at work. However, I’m glad the police were not here this morning when the goat escaped. I’m willing to bet that tasering a goat would not have satisfactory consequences. Goats can be rather moody and vindictive. They also are sprightly on their feet and enjoy butting people with their heads. I don’t know if you’ve ever been whacked in the stomach with a hard object such as a two-by-four or a hammer or a Christmas fruitcake. It’s an unpleasant and breath-taking experience (eating the fruitcake is a similar experience, but that’s a different discussion). The stomach altitude, or thereabouts, is basically where a galloping goat is going to make contact. There, or your backside.

4 thoughts on “Pies and Goats and Policemen”

    1. Ollalieberries are sort of a more refined cousin of the blackberry. A lot of people doubt their existence. But, then again, a lot of people believe Kim Kardashian is the center of the universe, so I suppose belief and truth don’t always coincide.

      How on earth did I get there from ollalieberries?

  1. Sargeant Pickles could have stopped the cow with a garden hose; I remember my mom chasing the neighbor’s bull out of our front yard with her garden hose. There was a brief stand-off, then he turned and charged for home. Even your goat would have run.
    The ollalieberries sound slightly suspicious. I’ll have to run that by my family; they are also pie makers. If you aren’t philosophical, “nothing like fresh pie out of the oven” is infused with meaning!

    1. Your mom must be a formidable lady. I’ve been to a fair number of rodeos, and those bulls are all business. They don’t seem to have much compassion for their fellow creatures. Though, if your neighbor’s bull was named Ferdinand, that’s a different story.

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