Personal Recommendations: 3/3 vs. Random Selections: 0/100

Okay, I think I’m seeing a trend here. The past three books that I’ve read due to personal recommendations have all been good. By personal recommendations I mean I’ve found the book due to someone I know referring the title (friends, reviewers I’ve gotten to know on Goodreads, etc). The three books are The Book Thief (thank you, Heather), The Death of the Necromancer (thank you, Daniel), and The Deed of Paksennarion (which I’m halfway through and enjoying…thank you, Pauline).

However, randomly selecting free books on Amazon from genres I enjoy, such as fantasy and thrillers? Sheesh. I’m batting zero. I want to find good books! They have to be out there. Somewhere. At the end of the day I’m more of a reader than an author. I crave good books like water in a desert.

Thank God for personal recommendations.


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