Spalding’s Racket

Nick at Spalding’s Racket just put up a post about The Hawk. Thanks, Nick! Sites like his are God-sends for the indie writing community, creating oases for writers like myself in the vast wasteland of the internet. Okay, I’ll stop with the poetic waxing. Give Nick a visit and find some other indie writers that you might be reading right now instead of my blog.

First official review (though, FBC’s review was actually first)

Tiger Holland just reviewed The Hawk (you can jump to the review here in my reviews section). It’s a solid and positive review, so that’s a relief. Sending your books out for review is kind of like sending your child to kindergarten. Well, almost. One of the difficulties of indie writing is that many (if not most) reviewers will not review them, stating that indie writing tends to be mediocre, so why waste the time? I’m afraid they have a certain amount of truth on their side. However, I hope to prove that stereotype wrong.

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