Sick again. Interesting how life has its own ideas. They’re usually quite contrary to one’s own. If anyone tells you that you are the master of your fate (even if that anyone is you), don’t believe them. You are not the master of your fate. However, you can choose to take things in good humor and patience. At least, that’s the theory. Ask me in a month if I’m still in good humor.

Debilitating, long-term sickness can be a very good thing. It forces one to evaluate the needful things and the needless things. I seem to have quite a lot of needless things in my life. Creating, though, is a needful thing for me, whether that be writing stories or composing music. It keeps my soul breathing.

Other than an excessively long list of stories that I have to work on, plus the feature film that I’m writing (basically done, but I’ll have some involvement on the production side this year, culminating in a September shoot), I have an interesting music project just starting up. Ten mini-bios of famous generals, set to music. The challenge of it inspires me, in combination with the idea that my small sons will easily memorize the songs. Music sticks in their heads like cerebral glue. I’ve written Napoleon’s already, and aim to tackle George Washington next (followed by Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses Grant, Ghengis Khan, George Patton, Charlemagne, and one more that I haven’t settled on yet).

3 thoughts on “Oof…”

  1. Oh drat. I’m so very sorry to hear that.

    For your tenth general, there was a Japanese one called Oyama Iwao, famous for the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 – our little town here is named after him. You know, just sayin’… 🙂

  2. Debilitating long term illness while raising three little sons must be challenging on so many levels. You will raise compassionate boys, and your wife must, like you, be learning patience and enjoying the small blessings in each day.

    1. The small blessings certainly do become more important. All the fleeting, tiny jewels of life become much more valuable.

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