One down, three to go… North Korea: please delay your launch

I trust that North Korea will delay launching their tactical nukes at California. War might disrupt my writing schedule.

The first of the four new Tormay stories is done. About 10,000 words. 6,920 words into the second story, though I suspect this second one will be more of a novella than a mere short story. My money is on a length in the vicinity of 30,000 words. The editor extraordinaire has informed me that the new novel will be edit-complete next week. Excellent, except I have no cover (I mean, that novel possesses no cover). That must be rectified, tout suite, or, very quickly (as Americans say).

Everything in its time (see: Solomon). Speaking of which, we will start harvesting cauliflower on April 15, in case you were wondering. Strawberries have just commenced harvesting (though, they really don’t have much taste–need more sustained days of sunlight to bring the sugar level up). Celery transplants are going in (the block directly below my office window is striped pale green with them, stretching away toward the river. Broccoli is in. Tomato starters are in the hoop house (and flourishing quite well and ahead of schedule, I must add–interesting what a few degrees difference will do).

Speaking of interesting (as non sequiturs go, the word “interesting” allows for any squirrel-like jump, but you knew that already), there’s some great news on the film front here, but I need to double-check whether it’s for public consumption or not. Or knot, as far as the squirrels and whittlers and nautical rope aficionados go. Or naught (for you mathematicians and/or devotees of nihilism and/or despair).

Speaking of North Korea, what is up with Dennis Rodman?

2 thoughts on “One down, three to go… North Korea: please delay your launch”

  1. Whoot, I was wondering why you had been relatively quiet on the blogging front lately. Cranking out 10k words of Tormay will do it (as will cauliflower, broccoli and strawberries. Sheesh – we only just got rid of the last of the snow here, and the rest of Canada is still buried in it. Strawberries make my head spin right now.).

    1. We just started picking a few days ago. They look beautiful, but there really isn’t enough warm sunlight for them yet. I suppose mid-April-ish and they’ll taste a lot better.

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