New map for the Tormay Trilogy

Tormay Map

In honor of redoing my covers, I just had my Tormay map redone as well. Mr. Jared Blando. He specializes in maps. Excellent work. Affordable, fast, and pleasant to work with. If you’re planning on writing a fantasy (you’ll need a map), exploring Mars (you’ll need someone to create a map afterwards), etc., send him an email.

2 thoughts on “New map for the Tormay Trilogy”

  1. Thank You for posting the Tormay Map. I’ve been reading your Tormay trilogy on a Kindle
    Fire and jumping back to the map is a bit of a chore.
    Amazon offers a lot of free books and the quality is generally what you might expect from free books,that’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading The Hawk and his Boy. I liked it a lot, enough in fact too purchase the next two books. I’m now starting on The Wicked Day and I hope I like it as well as the other two. With some books you want to jump to the last page just to get it over with, but with your books I just want to enjoy the trip.
    By the way since I got the first book for free I won’t be charging you for the two nights of lost sleep and the two days off that seemed to magically disappear while reading your books.
    A Fan

    1. Thanks for not charging me for the lost sleep! I know how that is, and sleep can be darn precious as I’ve grown older. Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. Your use of the word “trip” resonates with me, as that is one of the main ways I viewed the story when I wrote it. It was a journey, rather than a destination, which did result in a bit of meandering along the way…

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