New Covers for the Tormay books

Et voila… the new covers are almost done! Here’s a sneak peek.

I hired an artist back in November to do new illustrations for my three Tormay books. He just delivered the final third illustration. Absolutely amazing art. I’m astounded at his level of skill and creativity. It’s a uniquely refreshing thing to meet people who are excellent at what they do. I don’t claim excellence for myself. I’m a fiddler and a tinkerer and a muddler at best. I’d argue that excellence is a lot more rare than you’d assume. Good, even, is fairly rare.

Anyway, I’m not going to show the full illustrations until the text design is finished. I’m hoping to hire the inestimable Paul Conrad for that (another rare bird of excellence), fellow alum of Big Idea Productions (as well as Pixar and Disney).

5 thoughts on “New Covers for the Tormay books”

    1. Amazing artist. Lives in Moscow. I was very luck to find him. Yeah, there’ll be hardcopies, if I can get my act together formatting properly.

  1. Oh, man. Those look awesome from what we can see. I can’t wait until the new covers are up on Smashwords. I’ll be sure to upload my copies and have the new shiny covers for when I finally get around to reading the second and third books. =)

    I can’t remember if you mentioned who the cover artist was, but he’s quite remarkable, indeed.

      1. Heh. We’re all getting older. That’s what’s happening to our heads. Yeah, Alex is an incredible artist. He does a lot of gaming illustration for fantasy games, I think, and his sensibilities were perfect for what I was trying to find. Anyway, I’m hoping to have the covers up in about two or three weeks. They’re with the text designer at the moment.

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