New cover for The Fury Clock

cover Fury ClockI just published a new cover for The Fury Clock. To be honest, the book simply does not sell, even though I think it’s a vastly readable and hilarious story. What’s not to like about scoundrel heroes, beautiful barmaids, cantankerous dwarfs, sanctimonious ogres, evil necromancers, monsters, roast boar, and dirty farmboys intent on saving the world? Humorous fantasy seems to be a very narrow field, despite the success of Terry Pratchett and…well, Terry Pratchett. At any rate, there’s a rather nasty dragon in the story, so I’m giving him front and center billing for the cover. I hope this attracts a few more eyes…

10 thoughts on “New cover for The Fury Clock”

  1. Hmm. It’s eye-catching alright, but to be honest, says nothing about the tone of the story. Looking at that cover, I’d expect a Godzilla story – high drama that takes itself very seriously. Which is exactly the opposite of what TFC is. Do you mind if I ask why you ditched the first cover, with the pig’s head on it? I thought that was quite alright.

    1. You’re right. It doesn’t exactly match the tone of the story. I like the first cover a lot, but I think it’s too surreal for most people. Too Dadaist, I suppose. As there is a pretty nasty dragon in the story, I figured, well, let’s try dragons.

  2. It (new cover) makes the story seem a bit frightening, rather than the humorous adventure it is.

    1. It does seem a bit frightening, as opposed to the wackiness of the story. Of all the books I’ve done, this one has been the hardest to figure out a cover for. The first cover, though I really liked it, just wasn’t working. I’m going to experiment with a few alternatives…

  3. Would something like a headshot of a dashing Malix Shandy (a la Westley from “Princess Bride”) work as a cover?

  4. Well, looking at the covers of Pratchett’s work, they’re all kind of cartoony images of characters in the story. It says “comical” but still “good story”. I agree with Jason, a picture of Malix would be good, but it’d have to be exaggerated (with a bright light going “ping” off a tooth, golden hair waved annoyingly, etc.). In fact, I’m getting an image of the cover of “The Christmas Caper” – Malix striking a pose, with the other characters peering out from behind him…

    1. I think this is a fantastic idea. I’d love to see the faces of ogres and dwarves and gelatinous cubes peering out from behind Malix.

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