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The Wintercold

I wrote The Wintercold as a deliberation on homesickness.

The fact that people who have pleasant homes and satisfying family lives can experience homesickness even when they’re at home is a somewhat puzzling thing. I’m sure it’s happened to you every once in a while. It opens the door on a question that is unsettling to some people and reassuring to others: if you’re homesick at home, does that infer you have a different home somewhere else that you’ve never been to, one that is much more true (in the best sense of the word) than the home you currently possess? From there, the question becomes even more dizzying…

Anyway, the esteemed Mike Pilato (my old compadre from my college rock band days) took my original scratch version of this song, redid the instruments and the arrangement, and then added his wife for some backup vocals. That’s still me growling on the lead vocals. I can’t find the original scratch track I recorded, but this one is radically different. It’d be fun, though, to re-record this some day with a piano foundation.

The Wintercold

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