The Scarpe in E Major - Scribbles and Tunes

The Scarpe in E Major

I’ve been experimenting with composing instrumentals inspired by my Tormay Trilogy.

This piece, The Scarpe in E Major, is a meditation on the Scarpe plain, an enormous prairie grassland, north of the city of Hearne. I was trying to capture a sense of sunlight and blowing grasses and the horizon. The Scarpe’s a lovely place, and I hope that comes through to some degree in the music.

There are about eight different tracks in this one, ranging from guitar to violin and flute. I don’t claim to be a genuine composer in any sense of the word. Regardless, creating this one was a lot of fun. It’s just a sketch for now. I’ll hopefully re-record and polish later this year.

The Scarpe in E Major

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