The Long Fall - Scribbles and Tunes

The Long Fall

I’m a passable guitar player and about the same with piano.

I can sit down with either one and play songs until the cows come home. Overlaying them into the same song? That’s a different kettle of cows altogether. Anyway, this was my first real experiment recording the two together to create the foundation of the song. Vocals aside, everything else is fairly cosmetic. The result is rather imprecise, but it works in its imprecision. Please listen with headphones. If your computer speakers are anything like the ones in my Mac, they’ll jettison the bass and squeeze the rest into tinny tinniness.

By the way, the first person who posts on here and can tell me the names of the three people the song is about gets a twenty dollar gift card for Amazon. No relatives allowed.

The Long Fall

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