The LA Lights

The LA Lights

I’ve written a lot of songs over the years.

The topics have ranged all over the place, musing on politics, religion, history, war, social ills. Rarely, very rarely, I’ll write a love song. I’m not sure why that’s so. Perhaps some psychological barrier or, as my wife might kindly say, a certain amount of reserve that prevents me from such displays.

The LA Lights is, I think, the only love song I’ve ever recorded. Three layers of guitars, as well as three voices. The quiet, sort of percussive sound you might hear is me rapping on dampened guitar strings. The arrangement is pretty much close to zero, but I was more interested in the song completely stripped down when I recorded it. I guess if you’re going to do a love song, you might as well not hide.

The LA Lights

7 thoughts on “The LA Lights”

    1. I think it’s DAEmG. Maybe a Bm in there too? Haven’t played it in years. I’ll figure it out and send…

    1. I’ll figure it out and send it. I don’t think I’ve written down the chords for most of these songs.

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