The Ghost in the Attic

The Ghost in the Attic

The Ghost in the Attic is a melancholy meditation on the character of the Ghost from my Tormay Trilogy books.

He enters the story in the second book, The Shadow at the Gate, and then remains an integral part of the plot, right to the end.

Anyway, this is currently just a rough sketch. I was trying to take some musical motifs and see how they would do with multiple layers of guitar. I ended up with five guitar parts, as well as two midi parts. The motifs were created to try to communicate sadness, which is one of the key characteristics of the Ghost (more specifically, sadness motivated by regret). I think I somewhat succeeded, but I plan on reworking this at a later date.

The Ghost in the Attic

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    1. Thanks, Dianne. You’re very kind. There’s nothing I like better than fiddling around with instruments (though, I don’t play the fiddle).

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