North to Harlech - Scribbles and Tunes

North to Harlech

I wrote and recorded North to Harlech over the last seven days.

It’s a musical description of Jute and his friends fleeing north across the countryside to the duchy of Harlech. I was trying to achieve a sort of melancholy wrapped around the idea of motion. At that point in the story, Jute has just left behind everything he’s ever known. There’s a sadness in that, of course, even though he’s done it to evade getting killed. I added the flute melody in the end in order to convey a touch of hope about what the future and the north might hold for him.

This one is fifteen tracks of instruments (guitars, bass, flute, strings, as well as an attempt to recreate a bagpipe without having a bagpipe). I’m a deaf beggar in the street with a dented tin whistle compared to Bach. Balancing a paltry fifteen tracks makes my brain hurt. I don’t know how he did it…

North to Harlech

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