Inflatable Hippies

Hippies That Are Inflatable

Over the past few years I’ve been writing and recording random albums under the band entity Inflatable Hippies. Because, why not? The style ranges from instrumental electronica, Christmas carol rearrangements, to pop-rock.


Sometimes you have to toss the guitar and just go electric. I was fiddling around on piano earlier this year and ended up writing a couple of songs that didn’t need vocals. Even though I do that sort of thing fairly often, I don’t usually write and save my instrumental pieces. I’ll just play them as they float into my head and then let them float back into the ether after I’m done playing. This time, however, I decided to start writing them down. Nightlights is kind of a dreaming, zoning-out compilation. Melodies to make me start thinking. At least, that’s what they do for me. They might do something entirely different for you.

Here are some of the ten songs. If you enjoy them, please stream the entire album on Spotify or Apple Music or buy it on iTunes. A laborer is worthy of his hire.

“Speed Trinket Disco Babes of LA” (don’t ask)

“Sky’s an Ocean”



Christmas in the Multiverse

Christmas carols get sung every December (and sometimes October, November and even into January, particularly if you approach Christmas from an Epiphany perspective). Sometimes, the soul yearns for a little variation. Which is what I did with this Inflatable Hippies album. Same lyrics. Different melodies. So sue me.

“Away in a Manger/We Three Kings”

“Little Drummer Boy” (not on the album, as it isn’t in public domain yet)

“First Noel”

“Joy to the World”

“Angels We Have Heard on High”


Love in the Time of Pandemica

This one is straight up pop-rock. Mostly. Mild underpinnings of progressive whatnot. Even though is, in reality, an Inflatable Hippies album, I did it as UDK (Upside-Down Kingdom). Lots of fun writing and recording this kind of stuff. No intention of ever performing any of it live. Ten songs. Here’s just one. Find the rest at the link above.

“Wake Up Dead”


Floaters in the Sky

Agit-folk, inspired by crazy California environmental and land regulations, etc. You have to live here to really understand this properly.

“Ticket to Kansas”

“Lie of the Land”

“Love Song for an Environmentalist”


A Short History of Light

The latest electronica album from Inflatable Hippies, September 11, 2022.



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