Misc Vox Music

Here’s a random assortment of miscellaneous music I’ve written and recorded that includes vocals. However, none of these songs were done as either part of my old band Autumn War, my new band Inflatable Hippies, or inspired by any particular story or book I’ve written. You can find instrumental-only music is on a different page.

“Madness” This one is really old. Early 90s, I think.

“She’s So Fast” I wrote this song back in the 90s with a friend of mine, Lionel Thompson. He’s singing lead on this one. We collaborated on two mostly folk albums back then. We had some big dreams, as we were pretty much still kids. Then, of course, life happened.

“Without You” A friend of mine from Autumn War days (lead guitarist), Mike Pilato, played the guitars and sang backup on this song. His wife sang additional background. I’ve never put this one on an album (War, Hippies, whatever), but it’s one of my favorites. One of those quick writes where everything falls quickly (and magically) into place.

“Mary’s Soldier” Most families have members or fairly near relations that went off to war and never returned. That happened in my family. I wrote this song as a reflection on such an event.

“Steelbird” This is another song I wrote but then recorded with Mike Pilato. He did the guitars, background vocals, and then included his wife on additional background vocals. She has an amazingly smooth, precise voice that worked really well in this arrangement.

“Sky is Falling” In honor of that erudite enthusiast of elemental events that erratically evolve the earth and enliven everyone, former Vice President Al Gore.

“The Problem With Love”


“Drowning” This is another Mike and Amy special. I wrote the original song as an acoustic, folksy ballad about federal debt, inflation, etc. Mike then took the song and did his own arrangement. He recorded all the instruments and then handed it back to me. I recorded the lead vox and handed it back to him. He added in the background vox and then mixed. He’s pretty genius with this stuff.

“Pelopponesian War” This was an experiment in using music as a memory aid. The kids were studying Greek history–Athens, Sparta, the battle of Thermopylae, and all that. I think I must have been listening to punk at the time. A punk rocker, I am not.

“Life” This song makes me laugh. I can’t remember my frame of mind when I wrote it, but I can guess. Anyway, I need to do a new arrangement and add the chorus in much earlier, rather than save it until the end. I don’t know why I did that.

“Did You” One small point to note. I was trying to imitate Staley/Cantrell harmonies in the chorus. Not that I succeeded! Those guys did amazing vocal harmonies. Layne Staley had a particularly sad life, and the lyrics of this song are unintentionally apropos.

“The Dead Game”

“Sirens” Very old song. Probably one of the first I ever wrote.

“Pure” Another old song.

“The Dove”


“Life Has Come Undone”

“The LA Lights” This is one of the very few love songs I’ve ever written. It’s not that I’m adverse to love songs. I just don’t write them well.

“Feel Just Fine” While this is the acoustic version, there’s a polished, full-band version that the esteemed Mike did with me for an indie film soundtrack (The Fellows Hip–I co-wrote the screenplay). Not sure where the Mike version is. It would be nice to have them side-by-side.

“The Wintercold” A meditation on homesickness. Even when one is home. This is another Mike and Amy collaboration.



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